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Fish Kibbee

Jemila Foods 800-729-0764 Fish Kibbee makes about 15 balls Ingredients: Kibbee: 1# fish(tilapia,haddock or any mild white fish) 1 pkg. Jemila Kibbee Mix 1 1/4 c water zest of one orange(optional) pinch of saffron(optional) 1/3 c flour Filling: 3 onions, diced 1/3 c pinenuts, toasted olive oil salt pinch of saffron(optional) Kibbee: Soak one

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Lebanese Bread Mix Jemila Foods

Domenica’s White Pizza

Domenica’s White Pizza using Jemila Lebanese Bread Mix Domenica is my buddy Bill’s grandmother (Bill’s now family since he married Jenny, my cousin who composed our grandmothers cookbook). Domenica’s white pizza can only be approximated and it is so good approximate is great. For a 11 3⁄4 X 17 pizza you will need: 2 packages

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Grape Leaves Mix Jemila Foods

Jemila’s Chicken Stuffing

Jemila’s Chicken Stuffing using Grape Leaf Stuffing Mix You will need: 1 Chicken for Roasting 1 pound ground lamb or beef 1 package Jemila Grape Leaf Stuffing Mix 2 cups water 1 1⁄2 heaping tablespoons Pine Nuts Chicken should be defrosted and cleaned before starting. Brown the Pine Nuts in a 6 quart pot

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