Jemila Shanklish Serving Suggestions

Jemila Shanklish Serving Suggestions

  • Crumble Jemila Shanklish for a fork. Place a tablespoon or two on your plate and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. Pinch with pita or naan to pickup and eat. Variations are limitless: add olives, tomato, green onions, Greek yogurt. Commonly eaten for breakfast but great anytime. Makes a fantastic appetizer!


  • Mix crumbled Jemila Shanklish into salads


  • Cut into chunks and pair with dried Italian sausages like sopressata


  • Top pastas and pizzas with crumbled Jemila Shanklish


  • Mix finely crumbled Jemila Shanklish with extra virgin olive oil and spread on focaccia toast